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Meet one of Mexico City’s oldest restaurants: Hostería de Santo Domingo

60904110. México, 4 Sep 2016 (Notimex-Carlos Pereda).- Hostería Santo Domingo, uno de los recintos gastronómicos más longevos de la capital se ubica en la calle Belisario Domínguez del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México, también llamado “La Catedral del Chile en Nogada”, por ser la especialidad de la casa desde 1860. NOTIMEX/FOTO/CARLOS PERDA/CPM/ACE/

Entering through the wooden gate of Hostería de Santo Domingo leads to the restaurant’s colorful walls where families gather, tourists take in the gastronomy of Mexico, friends meet, and couples share food.

Hostería de Santo Domingo is one of Mexico City’s oldest restaurants. Established in 1860, and known to some as “The Cathedral of Chile en Nogada”, where the Chile en Nogada dish has been prepared since its beginnings.

Upon entering you feel the tranquility of history that evokes a place with a desire for tradition, an example of which is the mural that can be seen along the back wall of Plaza Santo Domingo.

And of course it is a place of tradition, the space is in a location that worked as a hostel, part of the property that belonged to the Dominican Monks, where they offered lodging to travelers.

All the details refer to old Mexico, thanks to the creative and artistic imagination of the muralist Javier Gómez Rosas, who with his canvases created the image that adorns the menu and then was recreated in one of the stained glass windows.

While the cheerful color of the place is pleasing to the eyes, the most appealing feature is the menu featuring dishes such as Pechuga Ranchera en Nata, Enfrijoladas Santo Domingo, and of course the king of the house Chile en Nogada.

On May 5, the Manchamantel Chicken is prepared, a dish from Puebla that comes from different mixtures of chili peppers and fruits such as banana and peach, as it is said “one who does not stain the tablecloth when eating, did not really eat.”

The building of “Hostería de Santo Domingo” is protected by the INBA and INAH, and retains its 16th century style and some pieces such as chandeliers and cabinets and even until recently retained an original piano by Agustín Lara, which was sold to a diner.

The inn recalls once that La Dona was at a table in the corner and as the piano player began to play “María Bonita”, the actress stood and began to sing, suddenly the place was filled with silence.

Thus, the restaurant offers its visitors, in addition to gastronomic pleasure, stories that make the site an even more enigmatic place, such as a hooded monk who appears late at night, as well as hidden tunnels under the construction.

So if you still have not visit this place, the reasons for doing so are endless.

Hosteria Santo Domingo
Belisario Domínguez 70-72, Centro

Photos by Notimex-Carlos Pereda