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Day of the Taco: Mexico’s gift to the World

During the pre-Hispanic era, the tortilla was the easiest solution for farm workers to eat in the field with their hands, the taco is a symbol of Mexican culture in general, and culinary in particular, and the country celebrates its existence today.

The Day of the Taco began as a celebration honoring the taco in Mexico on March 31, and was gradually expanding to other countries, thus being celebrated as International Taco Day on October 4. Leaving us in Mexico with two days a year to celebrate the tacos we love.

Guillermo Mateos de la Mora, an expert in gastronomy at the Aspic Institute, said that anthropological studies show that even the Emperor Moctezuma used the tortilla as a spoon to eat his food so not get his hands dirty.

The chef also pointed out that at the time of the Conquest, the tortilla began to be known and was given the name tortilla by the Spaniards.

“It is even mentioned in history that in the Convent of Churubusco, which was one of the first houses that Hernán Cortés had in Coyoacán, it was one of the first taquizas of history.

Today there is a great variety of tacos, which can be based on meats, vegetables, chilies, dairy and the properties of the tortilla itself, corn.

Mateos de la Mora noted that the taco has crossed Mexican borders, because abroad it has been a great contribution, although fast food chains generated an inappropriate image of the taco and representation of Mexico, and its contribution to the gastronomy of the world.

“Fortunately we have many chefs who have gone to revalue the tortilla and the taco as such and has been a great success, because foreigners who get to know the country’s cultural wealth come to eat tacos, such as the famous tacos al pastor,” he said.

He emphasized that among the most famous are tacos de suadero, bistec, guisado, acorazados, which are the ones that carry meat with rice, as well as those of solid, tongue and tripe, among others.

He also said that we can talk about some subdivisions of the taco, such as quesadillas, sopes and tlacoyos, all made possible because of the tortilla.

As an expert on the Mexican culinary subject, he made it clear that a good taco has to be accompanied by a good salsa, because it gives it another, richer flavor, and noted that a good recipe must be accompanied with chopped onion and cilantro, Lemon and spicy dressing, for example.

By Luis Galindo – Notimex – Translated and Edited by GoCDMX