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Vegan Taco Fair wraps up in Mexico City

The Vegan Taco fair wraps up in Mexico City after serving tacos pastor, chorizo, bisteck and cochinita pibil, the only difference is, they were not made of meats.

Oats, soy and wheat are mixed with the flavors that are traditionally used to prepare the traditional meat tacos.

After eating tlayudas and pibil, the family of Sosa Rayón, who came to the fair with her eldest daughter who is vegetarian, said that the taste is very similar to traditional cooking, so she left the fair with a little more understanding of her daughters choice to become vegan.

Ana María Rayón said that at home they prepare dishes with vegetables that can be consumed by all, like potato tacos, spinach pancakes, rice with vegetable or vegetable soup, since they are rich in nutrients beyond the philosophy of veganism.

“The fair invites us to reflect on the need for meat in the diet, if it really is so important and healthy for our body,” she said.

On the other hand, Alejandra Jaimes, who is a vegetarian, explained that to enjoy the vegan food, preparation and seasoning is important.

Regarding the ease of acquiring and consuming vegan food, she said that “there are many places, especially in the Zona Rosa, in the Roma neighborhood and in the Condesa that offer alternatives, as well as people who market their products on social networks, some even deliver. ”

“People think that being vegan is very expensive but it is not like that, it is very cheap and with flexible food, since you can prepare it for the whole week.”

The head of the local “Tacoqueto”, Nery Alvarez, explained that the tacos and tamales they sell, made with soy and coconut oil, are very popular, although she acknowledged that some people do not dare to try them.

Meanwhile, visitor Jose Luis Mayo Vázquez said he approached the fair to find something to eat, however, no taste satisfied him and said bluntly that “mine is meat, I can not taste this.”

One of the organizers of the event, Fidel Hernández, said that in the three days of exhibition, the fair has gathered almost 15 thousand people, which represents a significant increase, since at the first fair there were hardly five thousand attendees.

Although he did not specify the dates, he said that the fair will take place again in April and May with an exhibition of specialized organic products for the personal care of women.

In addition to soy, vegetarians now have other options such as oats, mushrooms, eggplant and seitan which is a food preparation based on wheat gluten, to replace meat, since its appearance and texture is very similar.

According to Fidel Hernández, the main promotions of the fair has been in the media but especially in social networks, which has allowed the popularity to grow.

“There are more and more families interested in the issue of culture and the ethical stance of veganism,” he emphasized.

He said that first time attendees to vegan food react differently by savoring the dishes “some find the resemblance to animal flesh and they like it but others prefer traditional products.”

The fair, he says, is a sign that it is not necessary to use animal derivatives to prepare food as we used to.

“Some people think that vegetarians only consume salads, but when they go to the fair they find that any dish can be prepared without the need to eat meat.”