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Students prepare medicines with Mexican herbs

The students at the Faculty of Nursing at UAQ launched a product line called “Natural, Traditional Medicine”, which is composed of eight herbal products divided into ointments, tinctures and syrups, designed to help rheumatic, respiratory, overweight, rheumatism and scarring of superficial wounds.

In an interview with the Information Agency National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt), Nancy Ruiz Vargas explained that the most important of the products is that they seek to rescue the traditional herbalism of Mexico.

“To lose weight we have a tincture based on cocolmeca, tlanchalagua and lime bark, which reduces anxiety between meals, prevents retention of liquids, detoxifies blood. We have another to lower blood pressure based on white saponin, which has a hypotensive effect,” he said.

Among other tinctures, he mentioned one that is used to reduce nervous tension and is made with valerian, passion flower and sage, and another with diuretic, antibacterial and antioxidant effects, whose main ingredient is garlic.

For the healing of wounds, the students of the institution of Queretaro created the “Magic Ointment”, made with arnica, grasses, cuachalalate and ocote, while for the respiratory problems they offer a mint-camphor ointment, which is a natural alternative To the ointment that is sold in the market.

The teacher said they also have a cough syrup containing eucalyptus, cinnamon, purple bougainvillea, prune and honey.

The products are available in the university store and the University Clinic Nursing in Integral Health (Ensain), located in the University Center campus of the UAQ.