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3,400 couples marry at Mexico City’s Zocalo

3,400 couples from Mexico, as well as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, China, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Spain, Ukraine, Somalia, Libya, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Venezuela and Pakistan, were married this weekend in Mexico City’s Zocalo.

As head of the matrimonial ceremony, Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, City Mayor, emphasized: “we are demonstrating how freedom, how the right to love, is practiced here in Mexico City”.

He reiterated that “today we have in Mexico City a Constitution that allows this, which gives us these rights, which gives us these freedoms.”

For what he said, “we must defend our Constitution, we will defend it because it gives rights to your children, your wife, your husband, gives you the rights of diversity, to have a family in this city as you please, as you want, to build your family, to shape your life.”

The ceremony organized by the CDMX Government “Weddings Collective 2017” was enlivened by the “Sonora Dinamita” and the orchestra of tropical music, salsa and cumbia “La Típica”.

During the ceremony, the Head of Government and newlyweds split the traditional cake and took a collective photo.