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Mexico City Metro riders shocked over ‘Penis Seats’

The Mexico City Metro has riders jumping with a men’s only subway seat featuring a molded plastic nude male torso with a flaccid penis.

The seat is accompanied by a sign that reads ‘exclusive for men – It’s uncomfortable to sit here but it doesn’t compare with the sexual violence that women suffer in their everyday lives.’

There’s even a video that shows passengers raising their eyebrows in disbelief at the scandalous seat and absentmindedly sitting down on it, only to immediately jump up upon feeling unexpected bulges in place of the usual smooth plastic.

The idea of the campaign, launched by the Mexican government, is to raise awareness of sexual harassment against women. A recent study shows that 65% of women in the city say they have been sexually harassed on the city’s public transportation.

At the end of the video, a legend reads: ‘This is suffered by thousands of women every day.’

The ‘penis seat’ can be found on a train running on Line 7, between El Rosario and Barranca del Muerto.