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Urban Management Agency presents floral cover to Chapultepec

The head of the Urban Management Agency of Mexico City presented the floral cover that will decorate the entrance of Chapultepec Forest during the Festival of Flowers and Gardens this month.

The design of the floral cover is dedicated to flowers and pollinating insects, due to the important work they do during the spring, such as the pollination of fruits and seeds, vital to agricultural in the country.

The floral cover required the participation of 10 people, who for more than 50 days worked on every detail to keep alive a tradition that was started centuries ago.

The floral cover was produced by a group of artisans from the Iztacalco delegation, coordinated by the floral artist Mario Arturo Aguilar.

At the Puerta de los Leones, which is the access to the First Section of the Chapultepec Forest, the cover is displayed with more than 3,750 bunches of various types of flowers, among which are Polar, Quail and Tulia. As well as 25 bales and recycled plastic flowers.

The presence of flowers in public spaces greatly improves people’s moods and reduces the likelihood of depression, anxiety and stress-related aggression.

Accompanied by the president of the Planting Foundation with Cause, Patricia Elías Calles, and the floral artist Mario Arturo Aguilar, said that activities prior to the Festival of Flowers and Gardens has changed the face of the city and has had great acceptance by the community.

Mario Arturo Aguilar said that the exhibition of Giant Ants, placed on Avenida Paseo de la Reforma, was visited by more than 21 thousand people. Due to their success they were placed in the Zócalo, where they were admired by more than 20 thousand people. In addition, the monumental carpet of flowers “DÖNI: Epheral Garden” was exhibited at the Monument to the Revolution.

The general public is invited to visit the Festival of Flowers and Gardens that will be held from April 28 to 30 in the Botanical Garden of the Chapultepec Forest.